About Hacking

There is not a lot of things that will bother, not today, not tomorrow and for sure not in the past. There seems to be a growing bunch of people that spend their time to hack web sites.


Well, this could be for fun or not at all.


Some hackers work to discover software bugs and report them to the developers of the applications. I think this a very useful approach and I appreciate this.

Some others are not that honest, they try to gather personal informations; bank accounts, passwords, etc.


There are some well working security applications for web sites which do a really good job. They are easy to install and their set ups need less than 10 minutes.

And best of all most of them are for free!


Since I installed one of them, no hacker did break into one of my web sites. After a few failures their IP address will be blocked for 366 days (you may configure this)!


Well, think about that – life will be much better, at least you’ll have some sorrows less...