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I spent quite a reasonable time using Tarot Cards for Readings. I’ve developed several methods to get rid of the standard ways shown in a lot of so-called tarot web sites. I guess most psychics think that cards will show the future of the consultant!


Did they forget about the ancient oracles? Or don’t they know them at all? What ever principle is used – it is finally an oracle!

Oracles look at the current situation and offers ways possible to go, decisions to be taken to reach the goals. In no way they give what will happen in the future…

Right now I’ve given up Reading with Tarot Cards and switched to the Oracle de Belline. Here is a link for an English book of it - The Secrets of the Belline Oracles.


But even here I don’t use “standard” spreads as they minimize my interpretations of the situations.


I’m sure that a lot of psychics will not agree with this but I prefer to give consultants hope showing them the different opportunities they have.


Some other posts will follow… ​​ 

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